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Each and every WannaFlix subscription comes packed with all the features you need to access the entire web and stay safe doing it.

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Basic features

21 server locations

Choose from 21 server locations in 19 countries around the globe. Switch as often as you like, with no limits.

Content from anywhere

Watch, listen, and stream content from censored and blocked websites around the world, no matter where you are.

Censorship resistant

Hide your traffic and access any website and service you want even during crackdowns.

IP address masking

No need to reveal your true IP address and location; change your IP through one of our secure servers.

On every device

WannaFlix has easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and works with popular routers and smart TVs.

Experienced support team

Stop wasting time and get answers that actually work.

Supported protocols


Fast, secure, and censorship resistant, v2ray is our recommended protocol. We support both the VMESS and VLESS+XTLS variants, with AEAD ciphers.

OpenVPN (Eclipse)

A slightly modified configuration of OpenVPN that works in China. It is compatible with all OpenVPN apps and runs on the TCP protocol. It is slower than v2ray but it has better UDP support. Only available in a subset of locations.


A fast, encrypted proxy that has been updated to work reliably even during crackdowns. It is only available on a subset of locations.


We support a variety of open-source and third-party applications via our APIs.


Recommended app: Netch

Other supported apps:

  • v2rayN
  • Clash for Windows
  • SSR
  • OpenVPN


Recommended app: ClashX Pro

Other supported apps:

  • v2rayU
  • SSR
  • Tunnelblick (OpenVPN)


Recommended app: Shadowrocket

Other supported apps:

  • Quantumult
  • OpenVPN


Recommended app: AnXray

Other supported apps:

  • v2rayNG
  • ClashR/Clash for Android
  • SSR
  • OpenVPN

And more

Defeat ISP throttling

Internet service providers can slow down certain content, such as video or international websites. WannaFlix lets you bypass ISP throttling.

Use 5 devices simultaneously

Install WannaFlix on all your devices and connect five at once.

Wide-ranging payment options

WannaFlix access credit cards, Unionpay, Alipay, Bitcoin, and other forms of online payment.

A vibrant community

Get access to our telegram group chat and share tips and information with other WannaFlix users like you. Discover what works quickly.


Unblock streaming services on smart TVs and consoles.

No activity or connection logs

WannaFlix will never log traffic data, DNS queries, or anything that could be used to identify you.

100% money-back guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied with WannaFlix,
we'll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

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